The Black Vault

The Black Vault is run by John Greenwald who you may recognize from Ancient Aliens or other History Channel show. He was a regular, but not main panelist on several shows. John’s specialty would have to be declassified documents, and there are more than 2 million on his site…more than worth your visit. Online since 1999.

This site centers mainly around research into the Apollo space program and fakery surrounding the moon landing photographs. Regardless of your stance, this is super-interesting stuff. Their site says they’ve been online 25 years. Wayback Machine shows records back to 1999, so they’re an oldie.

Online since 2000, What Really Happened is a well-rounded little alternative news site with a little bit of EVERYTHING. Scroll down for the list of topics in the left sidebar and enter the rabbit hole. There’s a ton of content to consume. The links at the top of the page are some of the best stuff from over the years. Don’t miss the gallery of dead Bin Ladens!

Another oldie, but goodie. and it’s faithful editor, Ken Adachi, bring you one of the simplest sites on the net created in hand-coded HTML. It won’t win any awards for being the most sexy site online, but it holds endless information. You’ll see stuff on this site that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. It’s a “must bookmark” for any truth seeker. It dates all the way back to 1999 in the Wayback Machine.



This site deals in documents. Online since 1996, they’ve built quite a collection. Archives are for sale on thumb drives for $100. There’s something like 54 GIGs of documents available. That’s certainly enough to keep you busy for a long time. By now, you’re probably seeing the trend with these sites. They’ve been online for a long time, they look like they were built in 1999, and they pack the info! You’re not alone, my friends. Theories will never die!



This one is one of those rare honey pots of decade-old information still online because it’s hosted on a free blogging platform. Last updated in 2012, this site is chock full of information including links, videos, and much more. If you’re new to alternative news, this site will definitely get you up to speed on the historical record. It’s definitely worth checking out and exploring.

If you like videos, then you’ll love Dating back to 2007, Disclose serves up the latest in alternative news eye candy. Hence the name, Disclose focuses heavily on UFOs and disclosure. This is a great site for your alternative news repertoire.

Enter the realm of the “little bit cray”. Home of the mysterious Sherry Shriner, is a textbook example of a conspiracy theory website. If you’re offended by religion, this one probably isn’t for you. If you are a Christian, you will find this website dancing along the fringe at best. It’s interesting nonetheless, and that’s why it’s included in this list. Online since 2002.

VigilantCitizen came on the scene in 2009 and began disseminating his particular brand of calling out the Illuminati. Notorious for long-form articles chock full of information and sources, you’re in for some great reads. Explore everything this site has to offer, but be sure to treat yourself to the Vigilant Reports. Save that one for an evening when you can chill with your favorite beverage and enjoy downloading some knowledge.

If you’ve been knocking about the conspiracy community for any length of time, the no doubt you’ve probably come to love sites like this one. Online since 2003, it’s one of those sites that *looks* like it was built in 2003, and hasn’t been updated since. This is kind of a signature move for many conspiracy sites. It’s surprising that many of these sites get ridiculous amounts of Internet traffic. will not disappoint. Do NOT miss the “Did you know” section on the home page!

The tag line is “a site for Truthseekers”, and right off the bat, you’ll notice all of the symbols. These are clickable! If any of them are unclear, simply hover your cursor over the symbol to view the alt text. The date on this one is 2001, so you’ve got going on 20 years worth of information to check out.

Welcome to this wall of links in no apparent order! A click or two through the Wayback Machine archives shows the evolution of this website. has been online since 2000, and it’s quite the rabbit hole. You’ll notice when you click a link, there are more links throughout each page, and you can get quite lost in a topic. It’s unique. That’s for certain. This is another one of those that you need to dedicate an evening to and just spend some time reading. Bookmark this one.