Netflix Star and Biden Campaign Surrogate Raided by FBI for Soliciting Sex From Minors


Cheer star Jerry Harris conducted an interview with Joe Biden via Instagram

A celebrity cheerleader from a Netflix docu-series, who also campaigned for Joe Biden, had his home raided Monday by FBI agents serving a warrant investigating solicitation of sex from a minor.

Federal agents searched the Naperville, Illinois, home of 21-year-old Cheer star Jerry Harris after a lawsuit filed against him claimed he had “inappropriate sexual contact” with two 14-year-old twin boys from Texas. The boys were reportedly 13 at the time of the abuse, while Harris was 19.

A report from USA Today describes: “Several include messages explicitly requesting nude photos or sex.”

The Dallas Morning News provides a synopsis of the critically-acclaimed Cheer series:

Cheer followed the renowned cheerleading squad at Navarro College in Corsicana on its way to earning a national title. Released on Netflix in January, the show received six Emmy nominations.

Harris also lent his celebrity status to the 2020 presidential campaign of Democrat candidate Joe Biden, with whom he appeared in a virtual interview.

More on the now-deleted interview with Harris from Washington Free Beacon:

Just three months ago the Biden campaign used Harris, who has over a million followers on Instagram, as part of Biden’s push to sway young voters and “win back the internet,” Time magazine reported. The Instagram live video of Harris and Biden was viewed nearly 300,000 times.

The news comes at a bad time for Netflix, which is currently embroiled in controversy over the explicit Cuties drama which critics say is a blatant celebration of child pornography.

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