Joe Wilson, ambassador who opposed the Iraq War, dead at 69

Former Ambassador Joe Wilson — who found himself and his then-wife Valerie Plame in the middle of a political firestorm when he contradicted President George W. Bush’s rationale for the 2003 invasion of Iraq — has died at the age of 69. Plame, a former CIA operative who was outed in apparent revenge after Wilson blew the whistle on Bush, said the cause was organ failure. Wilson and Plame ended their marriage in 2017. A veteran, 23-year diplomat, Wilson had been assigned by the CIA as a private citizen to go to Niger in 2003 and investigate reports that Iraq had been sold uranium yellowcake by the African country in the 1990s. Wilson found nothing — and said as much in a New York Times op-ed headlined, “What I Didn’t Find in Africa” in July 2003. He wrote in the column: “If my information was deemed inaccurate, I understand (though I would be very interested to know why). If, however, the information was ignored because it did not fit certain preconceptions about Iraq, then a… Source

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