Bayer (Monsanto) Loses Billions As Another Jury Determines Roundup Herbicide Causes Cancer


  • The Facts:Another jury has determined that Roundup herbicide causes cancer. It’s the second case to make headlines, and there are currently thousands of pending cases against the agrochemical giant, Bayer, who recently acquired Monsanto.
  • Reflect On:With so much science emerging over the past several decades showing how detrimental this product is to human health and the environment, why has it been approved? Why is it legal? Why do we buy it?

It’s hard to imagine how any jury could not come to the conclusion that Roundup herbicide causes cancer. Not long ago, a middle school groundskeeper be the name of Dewayne Johnson was awarded a victory after a jury found Bayer, who recently acquired Monsanto, to be guilty of causing/contributing to his terminal cancer.  And that may just be the beginning. There are approximately 10,000 cancer cases pending against Monsanto when it comes to their Roundup herbicide.

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