130 People Connected To Hillary Get Devastating News From Investigators

In virtually all of the cases, potentially sensitive information, now recategorized as “classified,” was sent to Clinton’s unsecure (sic) inbox.

So if someone does the dirty work for a corrupt politician, they can get investigated, too?

Oh yes, they can, and the ramifications could be devastating, much more than just a slap on the wrist.

If people like Phillipe Reines, just for instance, because I know he’d never do anything totally skeevy, broke some security policy or regulation, of if Jake Sullivan was found to have, say, stripped classification markers from emails so he could send them to Hillary’s private email, then their ability to obtain a future security clearance would be zero without White House direction…and that would cause a reopening of this scandal which on president would want.

In short, every Democrat in State Department who communicated with Hillary Clinton about government matters, particularly classified matters, will have their clearance in placed in jeopardy.

But there is more. Several of the document located on Hillary Clinton’s bathroom server originated inside the highly secure SIPRNet and could only be seen in a SCIF. Either someone violated the law and downloaded those documents/images or someone violated the law by bringing into the SCIF a smartphone and using the camera to take a picture of the document/image. These people’s careers are over.

That could be a real blow to a lot of people.

Of course, it’s convenient timing, so there are now people that are calling it suspect, and that it’s all just a ploy to take attention off of the impeachment drama.

However, the Washington Post noted that a senior State Department official made it clear that the investigation and the timing were non-partisan.

Note their quote below:

“This has nothing to do with who is in the White House. This is about the time it took to go through millions of emails, which is about 3½ years.”

Regardless of whether the timing was partisan or not, it is a reminder of what actual obstruction of justice looks like.

Thank you, Hillary, for your amazing example of an impeachable politician, had you become president.

But sadly, as is often the case, the ring leader will get off Scott-free while the henchmen will hang.

Choose your leaders wisely!,


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